Michael Farley is originally Canadian, currently bi-coastal, Director of Product Design at BetterUp. Previously Executive Creative Director at Method, Fjord, AKQA and more. Advisor to anyone. Tweeting @mfarleynyc and linking at Linkedin, emailing at michael@michaelfarley.com. I created Freshly, and then I took it apart.

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Free service and product design advice for very early-stage startups. Take advantage of my 20 years experience and we’ll talk about your design process, methods and ways of testing.

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An experimental concept development space for learning, in context of food, always based in helping people find the freshest local, in-season food, and what to do with it.

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I made a Santa bot for my kid, she can ask things like where are you and what do you look like, how old are you, how are you, send me a photo.

If you want your kids to text with Santa, you can text 🎅 to 1-646-832-3915
(that's a US SMS number so there is probably some text charge)